Wholesale Distributors

HEV, INC. / Chainsaw Bars - Fresno, CA - - Master distributors of Sugihara light weight guide bars, recognized as the highest quality chain saw bar in the world. Whether your power head is a Stihl chainsaw or a Husqvarna chainsaw or another, our chain saw bars will improve your production output and save you money by outperforming every other brand.

(800)888-6766, (920)562-0002, Fax: (800)818-6766, Email:

HEV, INC. / Grass Trimmer Heads - Fresno, CA - - Worldwide master distributors for VERI grass trimmer heads and trimmer lines, used on gas trimmers by professional landscapers seeking speed, simplicity and longevity in their trimmer heads. Manufactured, assembled and packaged in the USA, we stock basic manual trimmer heads, no split semi-automatic, flailing and fixed line trimmer heads.

(800)888-6766, (920)562-0002, Fax: (800)818-6766, Email:

INNOVATIVE GARDEN PRODUCTS - NJA - - Sell tools which make every gardener's life easier and more enjoyable . . . TRIM BIB - The ideal tool for collecting and disposing of clippings. It is fast and easy. No more messy clean-ups! Many other uses too. SOIL MATES - The perfect garden tool for potting, digging holes and transplanting. They make working with plants a joy. (973)227-3135, or: (973)882-8877, Fax:(973)882-8918, E-mail:

PLANTID - Prague, MN - - Finally... Affordable long lasting plant identification markers for year'round use. The 9" durable plant marker features UV-resistant vinyl interchangeable inserts. The three collections - Perennial, Herb, and Vegetable are pre-printed on one side blank on the other. Easy to use, attractive, and can personalized. No more quess work . . . Use Plantid.. (888)752-6843, (952)758-6888, E-mail:

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